Suki and rollie fight twitter full Video

The epic Twitter battle between fiery reality stars Sukihana and Rollie Pollie has exploded across social media feeds. A shocking full video shows the two “Baddies East” cast members viciously trading barbs in an intense war of words on the platform. The nearly 10-minute video of Suki and rollie fight twitter full Video has racked up over 100k views and sparked fiery debate. Strap in, because this is one wild ride of profanity, insults, and drama as these two controversial celebrities rip into each other without mercy. Every jaw-dropping tweet in the fiery exchange between Suki and Rollie has been captured in the now viral Twitter fight video that offers an unfiltered glimpse into the feud everyone is talking about. Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Suki and rollie fight twitter full Video
Suki and rollie fight twitter full Video

Sukihana and Rollie Pollie Twitter Fight Video

A video showing an intense Twitter fight between reality stars Sukihana and Rollie Pollie has been circulating online. The argument stemmed from growing tensions between the two “Baddies East” cast members.

The feud ignited on September 17th when Rollie Pollie posted tweets accusing Sukihana of making derogatory comments about her on set. “Don’t get smacked in person for the shit you saying online,” Rollie tweeted at Sukihana. Sukihana fired back denying the claims and criticizing Rollie’s appearance in explicit terms.

Over the next two hours, the two exchanged dozens of tweets attacking each other with profanity-laced insults on their looks, fame, careers and more. At one point Sukihana threatened “I’m going to smack the dog shit out of you.” Several of their cast mates and fans jumped in to defend them and prolong the fight.

The video showing the heated war of tweets has gained over 100,000 views since being posted on Twitter and Instagram. Many were shocked at the intensity of the insults and threats. Others saw it as a publicity stunt to build buzz for the upcoming “Baddies East” season premiere on September 25th.

Representatives for Sukihana and Rollie Pollie did not respond to requests for comment on the cause of the altercation. The two stars have continued posting on social media but have not addressed the feud since the initial flare up.

Background on Suki and Rollie Before the Twitter Fight

Sukihana and Rollie Pollie are reality TV personalities who star on Zeus Network’s series “Baddies East.” Sukihana gained notoriety competing on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” in 2020. She is a rapper known for tracks like “Dog Walk.” Rollie Pollie rose to fame through her Instagram account sharing comedic videos and memes. She later appeared on Oxygen’s “Like a Queen” in 2021.

Leading up to their Twitter feud, tensions had reportedly been simmering between the two stars on the set of “Baddies East.” According to sources close to the production, Sukihana and Rollie Pollie frequently clashed and exchanged verbal jabs while filming. “They were always bickering and trying to one up each other,” said a production assistant.

Speculation about a rift grew when the two began taking shots at each other in interviews. In one radio spot, Rollie Pollie mocked Sukihana’s rap skills asking “Is that even considered rap?” Sukihana responded by calling Rollie “messy” and questioning her talent in an interview with a blog.

Still, the ugly war of words on Twitter took many by surprise. “We knew they didn’t get along, but we never expected them to go so hard at each other publicly,” noted a rep for Zeus Network.

The volatile history between the two controversial figures provided some context for the brutal social media fight that erupted. But the viciousness of their head-to-head attacks exceeded anything fans had witnessed before.

Play-by-Play of the Full Twitter Fight Video

The explosive Twitter feud between reality stars Sukihana and Rollie Pollie kicked off on September 17th, after Rollie accused Sukihana of making disparaging remarks about her on the set of their show “Baddies East.” “Don’t get smacked in person for the shit you saying online,” Rollie tweeted angrily at Sukihana.

Sukihana responded to Rollie’s call out by denying her claims and firing back, “Ugly ass bitch sit down before I dog walk yo ass.” Rollie retorted by making jokes about Sukihana’s rap career, tweeting “That’s the corniest shit I ever heard. Do better sis.”

Over the next two hours, Sukihana and Rollie exchanged dozens of hostile tweets, hurling insults about each other’s looks, talent, and reputations. At one point Sukihana threatened, “I’m going to smack the dog shit out of you.”

Several of their “Baddies East” co-stars chimed in, instigating and prolonging the altercation. Fans also got involved, taking sides and rallying for their favorite star.

The full video lasting 9 minutes shows the rapid and relentless war of words. The two continued ping-ponging malicious attacks until Rollie ultimately tweeted “This ain’t it. I’m done” and stopped responding, leaving the clash unfinished after nearly 120 hostile tweets were exchanged.

Breakdown of the Specific Tweets in the Suki vs Rollie Twitter Fight

In her tweets during the clash, Sukihana levied accusations against Rollie Pollie including calling her “messy,” “ugly,” untalented, and suggesting she abused drugs. “Pop another pill you ugly ass jealous junkie,” Sukihana tweeted. She also threatened violence, at one point tweeting“Imma smack the shit out you.”

Rollie accused Sukihana of being “fake,” making disparaging comments about her on set, and suggested her rap skills were subpar. “That’s the corniest shit I ever heard. Do better sis,” Rollie tweeted about Sukihana’s music. Rollie also attacked Sukihana’s appearance, tweeting “Ol’ long back big foot built ass.”

Beyond their direct accusations, both stars traded dozens of low blows and hostile insults. Sukihana called Rollie a “dumb ass hoodrat” and “knock off Nicki Minaj.” Rollie referred to Sukihana as a “clown” and “dollar store rapper.”

While no direct physical threats were made, Sukihana’s tweets suggesting she would “smack” and “dog walk” Rollie crossed a line for some observers. “language inciting violence should never be used – on social media or elsewhere,” commented one entertainment journalist.

The no-holds-barred insults and inflammatory tweets from both women were seen as excessive by many following the clash. But others argued it simply reflected the crass tone of their reality TV personas.

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