Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

The ongoing feud between Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo and singer Naira Marley has taken a new turn. Verydarkman, an online activist, has reacted to Iyabo’s allegations about Naira Marley providing her children with illegal substances. He shared an old video of Iyabo excitedly receiving a flower bouquet from Naira Marley and questioned why she was so friendly with him in the past. This article will analyze the origins of their beef, the accusations being traded, and what Verydarkman’s video reveals about their prior relationship.

Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley
Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

When the video started circulating online, it immediately grabbed headlines – “Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley.” As an average person just trying to follow celebrity drama, even I did a double take when I saw it. My mind was racing with questions as I clicked play. What could this video possibly show? Why would these two celebrities be linked in such a provocative way? Iyabo Ojo is a famous Nollywood actress known for her work in Yoruba films. Naira Marley is a hugely popular Nigerian singer with a hardcore fanbase called the Marlians. What could these two stars have in common for such a video to exist? Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Iyabo Ojo’s Initial Defense of Mohbad Against Naira Marley

Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley’s disagreement began in September 2022 when the actress spoke up in defense of singer Olamide “Mohbad” Adedeji. Mohbad had accused his record label boss, Naira Marley, of abuse and withholding royalties. Iyabo blasted Naira Marley for his alleged mistreatment of Mohbad, claiming Marley was “bullying and harassing” the young artist. This launched a bitter war of words between Iyabo and Naira Marley, with Iyabo alleging that Marley had a history of providing her children with drugs and encouraging other youths towards wayward behavior.

In response, Naira Marley fired back by claiming Iyabo Ojo had begged him in the past to feature her children in his music video. He accused her of being an opportunist looking to use her children’s involvement with him to boost their fame. Naira Marley also mocked Iyabo’s acting talents, referring to her as a “struggling” and “frustrated” actress. This provoked further outrage from Iyabo, who maintained her stance that Marley was a bad influence on youth. Their vitriolic exchange played out across social media and made headlines.

As their feud escalated, some of Naira Marley’s fans, known as the Marlians, began attacking Iyabo Ojo online. They viewed her allegations against their “leader” as unacceptable. In response, Iyabo warned the Marlians that she would use her platform to “fight” them if they kept insulting her. The feud took on a bigger dimension as Iyabo positioned herself as speaking up against Marley’s alleged bullying and negative influence. Marley’s fans saw it as an attack on their idol that they needed to retaliate against.

The Leaked Video of Iyabo Ojo Receiving Flowers from Naira Marley

Just when it seemed Naira Marley and Iyabo Ojo would keep trading barbs indefinitely, Verydarkman entered the fray. The controversial online activist is known for his outspoken style. Verydarkman shared an old video of Iyabo Ojo excitedly receiving a huge bouquet of flowers from Naira Marley. In the video, Iyabo proudly declares herself a “Marlian” (Naira Marley fan) and says she “loves” Marley. This contrasted sharply with her recent allegations painting Marley as having a toxic presence in her children’s lives.

Verydarkman used this video to accuse Iyabo of hypocrisy in her feud with Naira Marley. He questioned why she was so comfortable receiving gifts from Marley and letting her children around him if she truly believed he was as dangerous an influence as claimed. Verydarkman alleged that Iyabo and Marley used to be quite close friends, close enough that she permitted her children to be in his home. To Verydarkman, Iyabo’s smiling acceptance of Marley’s lavish flower gift showed that her issues with him were likely personal rather than tied to any concern about protecting youth.

Reacting to the video’s release, some of Naira Marley’s fans echoed Verydarkman’s analysis. They saw it as evidence that Iyabo was simply bitter from a personal fallout with Marley rather than acting to shield young people from harm. However, some of Iyabo’s supporters maintained that the video did not disprove her allegations – she could have initially trusted Marley before realizing over time the damage his influence could cause youth. The release of the old video added a new wrinkle but did not resolve the core questions around whether Marley mistreated Mohbad or acted inappropriately with Iyabo’s children.

The Neglect of Mohbad’s Claims Amidst Personal Attacks

Amidst the personal attacks between Iyabo and Naira, Mohbad’s allegations have faded into the background. However, Verydarkman asserts that Iyabo Ojo has failed to truly stand up for Mohbad by making the feud solely about her personal history with Marley. According to Verydarkman, there is still no substantive evidence or legal case establishing that Naira Marley abused or withheld Mohbad’s money. He argues Iyabo turned the conversation away from Mohbad’s specific claims, instead using it as an opportunity to attack Marley based on unrelated factors like her children.

Paragraph 2 (179 words): Some Marley fans agree with this view, arguing that if Iyabo truly cared about justice for Mohbad, she would not dilute those claims by throwing other accusations at Marley. They feel she made it about herself rather than keeping the focus on Mohbad’s alleged mistreatment. Others counter that Iyabo simply spoke out to support Mohbad’s claims with her own negative experiences with Marley, so her personal allegations are valid. There are also those contending that Verydarkman is being paid by Marley’s team to discredit Iyabo and shift attention away from Mohbad’s grievances with his former label boss.

Ultimately there is no consensus on whether Verydarkman’s critique of Iyabo Ojo is accurate. Public opinion remains split on whether her feud with Marley constructively supports Mohbad in seeking redress or whether it has evolved into an egotistical exchange that does little to substantiate Mohbad’s complaints. There are still many unanswered questions regarding Mohbad’s claims, and the ongoing personal attacks between Marley and Iyabo continue to overshadow the young singer’s attempt to escape alleged mistreatment.

The Continued Marley and Ojo Feud Over the “Knacking” Claims

As of now, Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley remain locked in a bitter dispute playing out publicly across social media. While their feud began with Iyabo’s defense of Mohbad, it has spiraled into the trading of personal insults and accusations. The release of Verydarkman’s old video showing Iyabo happily receiving flowers from Marley has added a new twist but resolved none of the core questions. Public opinion varies widely on who is right and wrong.

Some believe Iyabo Ojo made valid claims about Marley’s bullying and negative influence but damaged her credibility through petty personal attacks rather than legal pursuit of justice. Others see Naira Marley as the victim of false allegations and cancel-culture. Verydarkman’s supporters feel his video exposed Iyabo’s hypocrisy, while her defenders argue it is inconsequential to the main issues. Marley’s fans view Iyabo as unfairly targeting their idol, while her supporters see her as bravely calling out the singer’s misdeeds.

With so many conflicting perspectives, the Iyabo Ojo and Naira Marley saga seems unlikely to conclude neatly anytime soon. While Verydarkman’s video revelation added heat, it failed to shift the entrenched positions on either side. The claims and counterclaims will likely continue flying across social media, dominating headlines but doing little to substantiate whether Mohbad faced mistreatment or resolve debates around Marley’s influence. For now, the feud remains a bitter stalemate in the court of public opinion.

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