Horror Movie Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016

This article on the website “insightinquiries.com” will take you into the mysterious and scary world of the movie “Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016.” Director André Øvredal has created an impressive supernatural horror, starring Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch. We’ll explore the film’s special elements, from terrifying supernatural events to the discovery of strange symbols on Jane Doe’s body. Join us in this macabre story and discover the mystery behind Jane Doe’s death.

Horror Movie Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016
Horror Movie Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016

I. Introduction Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016

“Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016” is a supernatural horror film directed by André Øvredal. The movie features renowned actors Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch in the lead roles and has garnered attention for its intriguing storyline and eerie atmosphere.

Brian Cox portrays the character of Tommy Tilden, and Emile Hirsch plays his son, Austin Tilden, who are both skilled forensic pathologists working in a small town. Their lives take a chilling turn when they encounter the mysterious body of an unidentified woman, portrayed by Olwen Kelly.

The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2016, and was later released by IFC Midnight on December 21, 2016. Despite its relatively small release, “Autopsy Of Jane Doe” managed to earn approximately $6 million at the box office.

Critics and audiences alike were captivated by the film’s intelligent and suspenseful storytelling, leading to positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It stands as a testament to the director André Øvredal’s English-language debut in the horror genre.

As we delve deeper into the movie, Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016 we will explore the unsettling events surrounding the autopsy of Jane Doe and the eerie discoveries that unfold during the examination of her body.

Introduction Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016

II. Brief story

In “Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016” the story revolves around the examination of the body of an unidentified woman, known as Jane Doe. The film begins with the discovery of Jane Doe’s corpse at a crime scene connected to an unexplainable series of murders.

Tommy Tilden, a seasoned forensic pathologist portrayed by Brian Cox, and his son Austin Tilden, played by Emile Hirsch, are tasked with conducting the autopsy. As they start their examination, they quickly become perplexed by the bizarre findings.

Despite having no external signs of trauma, Jane Doe’s body reveals fractured wrist and ankle bones, a brutally severed tongue, a missing tooth, and lungs charred as if subjected to third-degree burns. Even more baffling, Jimsonweed, a paralyzing substance not native to the region, is found in her stomach. While most signs suggest recent death, her cloudy eye condition indicates she has been deceased for several days.

Unexplained events begin to unfold as they investigate further. The radio mysteriously switches channels, and Austin believes he sees people standing in the morgue’s hallway. Investigating further, they find their injured cat, which Tommy reluctantly kills before cremating it. As they reexamine the body, they discover a cloth with Roman numerals, letters, and a peculiar diagram inside her stomach, accompanied by similar symbols etched into her skin.

Suddenly, all the lights in the morgue shatter, and in the ensuing chaos, other corpses in the morgue mysteriously disappear. Attempting to leave, they find the elevator nonfunctional, and a fallen tree blocking their exit. A sinister presence, unseen, leaves bruises on Tommy when he goes to the restroom.

Returning to the autopsy room, they reexamine the body and discover that Jane Doe’s brain cells are still active. Closer inspection of the cloth reveals references to Leviticus 20:27, condemning witches, and the year 1693, the time of the Salem witch trials. Tommy and Austin theorize that in an attempt to punish a witch, the Salem authorities inadvertently turned an innocent woman into a witch, rendering her immortal and allowing her to feel all the pain her body endured, despite appearing dead. Tommy offers himself as a sacrificial vessel in hopes of sparing Austin. As Tommy self-inflicts injuries resembling those on Jane Doe’s body, her wounds begin to heal. When Tommy cuts his own tongue and completes the ritual, Austin stabs his father to end his suffering, believing he hears the police chief outside. However, he realizes it’s another hallucination and is horrified to find his father dead.

The film concludes with the police arriving the next morning, baffled by the inexplicable crime scene. Jane Doe’s body, devoid of any visible injuries, is sent to the Virginia Commonwealth University. During transportation, the radio turns on, and Jane Doe’s toe twitches involuntarily.

Brief story
Brief story

III. Special features of the movie

“Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016” stands out for its unique blend of horror and supernatural elements that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Here are some of the special features that make the film particularly gripping:

  • Horror and Supernatural Elements: The film masterfully combines elements of horror and the supernatural. It employs suspenseful soundscapes, eerie lighting, and unsettling camera angles to create an atmosphere of dread throughout the autopsy process. The use of darkness, tight spaces, and the unsettling setting of a morgue contributes to the film’s overall sense of unease.
  • Sound and Visual Effects: The movie effectively uses sound and visual effects to intensify the horror. The sudden shattering of lights, the mysterious switching of the radio stations, and the unexplained appearances and disappearances of objects contribute to the film’s eerie ambiance. These effects keep the audience constantly guessing and anxious about what will happen next.
  • Discovery of Symbols: One of the most intriguing aspects of the film is the discovery and decoding of strange symbols on Jane Doe’s body. The cloth found inside her stomach, inscribed with Roman numerals, letters, and a peculiar diagram, adds a layer of mystery to her identity and the events surrounding her. The symbols are ultimately linked to the history of Salem witchcraft, providing a sinister and historical backdrop to the supernatural occurrences.
  • Failed Cremation and Resurrection: The failed cremation attempt and the subsequent resurrection of Jane Doe are pivotal moments in the film. The fact that her body does not burn as expected adds to the mystery and terror. The audience is left wondering why Jane Doe’s body appears impervious to fire. Her eventual resurrection, tied to the ritualistic symbols, adds a chilling and unexpected twist to the story.

Overall, “Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016” is a standout horror film that combines a gripping storyline with effective horror and supernatural elements. The film’s ability to keep viewers in suspense and its skillful use of sound and visual effects contribute to its reputation as a must-see for fans of the genre.

IV. The main characters

  • Tommy Tilden (Brian Cox): Tommy is a seasoned forensic pathologist who, along with his son Austin, runs a family-owned morgue in a small town. He is portrayed by Brian Cox. Tommy is portrayed as a rational and experienced professional in the field of autopsy. As the strange events surrounding Jane Doe’s examination unfold, Tommy’s initial skepticism gradually gives way to fear and a determination to uncover the truth. His decision to offer himself as a sacrificial vessel is a testament to his dedication as a father and a pathologist.
  • Austin Tilden (Emile Hirsch): Austin, played by Emile Hirsch, is Tommy’s son and his partner in running the morgue. He is more scientifically-minded and analytical compared to his father. Austin’s character serves as the audience’s point of view as he attempts to make sense of the increasingly bizarre and supernatural occurrences during Jane Doe’s autopsy. He becomes deeply disturbed and frightened by the events, and his emotions drive much of the film’s tension.
  • Jane Doe (Olwen Kelly): Jane Doe, portrayed by Olwen Kelly, is the central character of the film despite her limited physical presence. Her unidentified body becomes the focal point of the story. Her mysterious injuries and the strange symbols found on her body drive the plot and raise questions about her true identity and the supernatural forces at play. Although she appears lifeless, Jane Doe’s role is crucial in highlighting the enigma and horror of the story, especially when her body resists cremation and she becomes central to the film’s eerie climax.

The dynamic between Tommy and Austin, their professional expertise, and their emotional reactions to the escalating supernatural events provide a compelling anchor for the audience to navigate the horror and mystery of “Autopsy Of Jane Doe 2016” Meanwhile, Jane Doe’s silent presence adds an air of sinister intrigue to the narrative, making her character integral to the film’s overall impact.

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